Senarai Repeater & Simplex - 11 Ogos 2013

Senarai Repeater & Simplex

Adalah dimaklumkan, bahawa saya tidak lagi mengemaskini data berkenaan senarai repeater di Malaysia.
Untuk mendapatkan senarai terkini frekuensi repeater di seluruh Malaysia, anda bolehlah memuat turun aplikasi
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03 October 2009


Email yg aku terima dari 2 orang rakan yg dapat menghantar beacon ke PCSAT...


Thank you for the inquiry. Satellite NO-44 has aged
beyond its useful life, and only comes around 3 times a
year when the orbits align in such a way as to provide
sunlight to the solar arrays to provide a sufficient charge.
The state of the electronics is extremely variable, but
sometimes setting ui-views unproto to "APRS via W3ADO-1"
will get you through.

It actually hears quite well (right to the horizon), but it must
be above 25 degrees elevation (for me) to decode
the packets properly.


Guy - W6MSU



For ISS and PcSat I like to use UISS. If you are not tracking positions on
a map, I find UISS easier to use.

However UiView will also work. Simply change the unproto from ARISS to
W3ADO-1 and PcSat will respond if it is in strong sun.

I must point out that, unlike the radio on ISS that transmits with 10 watts
of power, PcSat is a very old satellite with bad batteries. For that reason
it will only operate when the satellite is in strong sun (near mid-day when
the solar panels are able to collect a lot of light)and the transmitter is
very weak (about 1/4 watt). Because PcSat is so weak, most SatGates will
not be able to hear it, so even if you do get PcSat to digipeat your
message, it is likely it will not be heard by a SatGate and gated to the
Internet. Here in the US I must hit PcSat with almost 20 messages before it
digipeats one that a SatGate will hear.

It will be a challenge, but it is possible and I hope you enjoy trying.

Best of 73s

Mmg ianya satu cabaran bagi aku untuk menghantar & menerima beacon dari PCSAT... walau apapun, aku akan tetap mencuba hingga berjaya...


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